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Data-driven Insights Sculpting Real Estate Futures One Byte at a Time

Your financial and operational data, market trends, and benchmarks integrated for instant insights, facilitating automated reporting and on-demand analysis

Transform data from hundreds of sources into a normalized view of your business

Our platform connects real-time demand data from various sourses and giving you a single view and category wise analysis.

Revolutionize Your Sales: Elevate Performance, Amplify Results
Monitor sales performance, evaluate lead generation, employee efficiency and conversion ratio for growth.
Data-driven analysis to monitor sales, optimize lead sources, and recognize top employees, enhancing marketing campaigns and revenue.
Recommendation on investment in high-performing platforms for enhanced sales generation, while also assessing employee efficiency through lead conversion times and optimizing cost-to-sales ratios.
Transform Your Marketing: Unleash Potential, Ignite Success
Track lead generation, conversions from specific platform, monitor expenses of marketing platform and its conversion cost.
Analyze platform reach, lead conversion rates, and per lead conversion costs for informed decision-making and efficiency.
Leverage AI models to identify optimal platforms, campaigns for effective marketing, and reduce per-lead conversion costs.
Master Your Projects: Streamline Efficiency, Achieve Excellence
Track project costs, identify budget variances, monitor project progress and resource usage.
Analyze damages, milestones, project duration, inventory, costs, and risks for optimization and performance enhancement.
AI models identify key factors, provide solutions for timely project completion, optimize inventory, and propose mitigation strategies.
Optimize Your Inventory: Precision, Profit, Perfection
Track inventory utilization, wastage and provide insights into inventory costs and trends.
Analyze inventory data to forecast future demand and optimize procurement strategies.
AI models advise on minimizing inventory wastage, optimizing utilization, and providing low-stock alerts for efficient inventory management.
Maximize Your Budget: Control Costs, Drive Growth
Monitor employee salaries, vendor payments, buyer payments and track expenses against budget.
Analyze patterns for cost savings, optimize budgeting, and forecast future expenses accurately.
AI models identify overspending, forecast future expenses, adjust budgets, and optimize buyer payments efficiently and provide the suggestions for improvements.
Elevate Vendor Relations: Efficiency, Reliability, Success
Track defective and damaged material, monitor delay in material delivery and evaluate vendor performance.
Analyze costs and quality associated with each vendor and identify opportunities for cost negotiation or alternative vendors.
AI-powered models anticipate supply chain disruptions, enhance vendor performance, and negotiate favorable terms, optimizing costs and quality.
Empower Your Portfolio: Strategic Precision, Sustainable Growth
Track Total and Recurrent Revenue, Asset Count, and Valuation for strategic insights on business performance and growth.
Analyze high-performing and under performing assets and identify investment opportunities and disinvestment strategies based on portfolio analysis.
Optimize portfolio by assessing property types, locations; evaluate performance to enhance real estate investment strategy.
Nurture Your Workforce: Empowerment, Engagement, Excellence
Track attendance, productivity, and task completion to evaluate individual and team performance.
Analyze employment status, task efficiency, salary fluctuations, attendance, average completion time, and overall performance for strategic insights.
Leverage AI models to identify top-performing employees based on task completion, efficiency, punctuality, and strategize to enhance these metrics and employment.

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Easily connect all of your disparate real estate data to a single source of truth for the entire organization. We empower you to immediately extract meaningful insights.


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