Sales Application for builders:

Application Activities:

  • Maintain the records of lead generation.
  • Allows to monitor and optimize every transaction.
  • Easy tracking of information.
  • Notifies regarding follow-up calls.
  • Tracks the record of potential lead.
  • Manages customer relationship.

This can be done effectively with the use of Mobile Application, which we at Ordinet Solutions has developed. Objective behind creation of this Application is to provide best software solution for Builders and sales team to track all the activities for conversion of lead.

Application is categorized in two parts-

1. Admin Application
2. Sales Executive Application

Sales Executive Application


  • Allow sales team to be organised.
  •  Accurate sales forecast.
  • Improves sales performance.
  • Provides better analysed leads sources.
  • More standard sales cycles.

Feature List

  • Lead Management:
    Helps sales team to generate and nurture leads.
  • Task Scheduling:
    Schedules task for sales team.
  • Set Remainders:
    Set remainders for next follow-up calls.
  • Notification:
    Receive notification from admin.
  • Follow-ups:
    Follow-up can be made on scheduled date.

Admin Application


  • Full visibility of every stage of the sales process.
  • Supervise the track record of sales executives.
  • Ability to see all customer interaction.
  • Customised report enables effective analysis.

Feature List

  • Add Executive:
    Admin can add sales executives.
  •  Leads:
    Admin can assign leads to the sales executives.
  • Track record:
    Able to track the record of sales executives.
  •  Monitoring:
    Monitor all the activities and progress of the sales team.
  • Manage client relation:
    Get notified on the special occasions of client’s ex. Birthday, etc.