Application for builders:

Application Activities:

  • Maintain the inventory record for the projects.
  • Add and supervise site engineer’s records.
  • Manage your suppliers and projects

This can be done effectively with the use of Mobile Application, which we at Ordinet Solutions has developed. Objective behind the creation of this Application is to provide best software solution for Builders and to manage the inventory and the suppliers.

Application Details


  • Easy to manage inventory and materials.
  • Maintain proper records of received and pending inventory from
  • Separate login for admin and site engineers.
  •  Monitor the activities of site engineers.
  • Manage the project wise inventory.

Feature List

  • Login:
    Separate login for admin and site engineers.
  • Suppliers:
    Manage suppliers and their details.
  • Material Management:
    Manage the received and pending materials from suppliers.
  • Monitor Site Engineers:
    Admin can add site engineers and monitor their activities and
  • Set Remainders:
    Set remainders for the dates on which material supposed to

Ordered Materials

Add New Material

Add Material Suppliers

Add Site Engineers

Monitor Site Engineer Works

Other Options