CRM Application for builders:

Application Activities:

  • Showcase upcoming projects to prospective buyers.
  • Understanding and improving ownership experience of existing buyers.
  • Updating existing and prospective buyers about various company activities.
  • Helping existing buyers to monetise their properties.
  • Enable real-time communication between buyer & developer.

This can be done effectively with the use of Mobile Application, which we at Ordinet Solutions has developed. Objective behind creation of this Application is to provide best software solution for Builders and Home buyers/Consumers to establish meaningful communication and business relationship between them.

Application is categorised in two parts-

  • Admin Application
  • Public Application

Client Application


  • All your properties showcased at one place.
  • Features for existing buyers to monetise their property.
  • Information sharing to educate the buyers.
  • Additional convenience for prospective buyers.
  • Real-time communication.

Feature List

  • Real-time communication:

View upcoming projects from developer.

  • Rent Property:

Rent property brought from developer.

  • Feedback:

Send feedback about your experience.

  • Notification:

Receive notification from admin.

  • Information:

Search important information required while buying property.

  • Document Management:

Receive documents and payment details.

Branding Screen

Showcase Projects

Project Details

Clients Payment History

Client Document History

Other Options

Admin Application


  • Manage property listing from anywhere.
  • Keeping in touch with your existing and prospective buyers.
  • Real-time communication.

Feature List

  • Showcase Projects

Admin can add/edit/delete the project.

  • Notifications

Admin can upload public notification which will be notified to buyer app user.

  • Feedback

Receive feedback from buyer app user.

  • Manage Buyer App User

Admin can add/edit/delete the user of buyer app.

  • Document Management

Sent documents & payment details.

Add Projects

Add Clients

Search Clients


Add Client’s Payments

Add Client’s Documents